Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Updates

*Josie has been loving the nice weather outside (for the exception of todays ugly weather) the past week. Over the weekend she spent most of her time on our driveway; riding her scooter from Santa and playing with sidewalk chalk. We had to have a little conversation about keeping chalk off the cars. My Pilot sported a wide, somewhat sporadic, pink stripe down one side for several days.
*Grant's 10 month birthday is today. He still eats everything we put in front of him, loves remotes, and is starting to become more vocal. We have heard a "da da" several times, but unfortunately, no "ma ma"yet.
*Tony has been working on our sunroom remodeling job. Walls, ceiling, trim, carpet, and lighting are complete. He just needs to install the ceiling fan and we need to buy furniture.
*I had a great weekend with some girlfriends during an all day shopping extravaganza on Saturday. A full 12 hours of shopping can really make a credit card sizzle. We checked out the new Cincy Outlet mall, which I would give a thumbs up, and the Kenwood Mall.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sibling Love

Weeks 37-40

Grant has now passed the 9 month mark! He weighs 24 pounds. This seems crazy to me because Josie, being 3 1/2, only weighs 30. Lately he has been walking along the furniture and getting into everything. He has found out that the kitchen cabinets contain a lot of interesting items. He also has teeth coming in everywhere. He has three that are fully in and three more poking their way through.