Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To celebrate Father's Day we spent time at the lake all day Sunday. It was a lazy and somewhat relaxing day. It can never be 100% relaxing when you have to keep your eyes on two little ones around the water. Fortunately, mom and dad's house has a gated deck, so we were able to gate the kids in. The several inches of water in the baby pool kept the kids busy while the adults drank margaritas, played cornhole, ate chips and salsa, and chatted.
The last two lake trips were rain outs for us. Both times we took the boat out it started to rain and ended our fun. Luckily this time there was no rain, but instead a lake filled with thick, sludge-type algae. Lake St. Marys has been battling poor water conditions for several years. This was the worst it has ever been. We all described it as John Deere tractor paint poured into the lake with an added bonus of a dead fish scent. My words don't do justice and I don't have any pictures to back up how bad it really was. We hope the water quality problem is solved fast so we can enjoy our boat rides more.
It was a great day despite the St. Patrick's Day water. Happy Fathers Day, Dad and Tony!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The List

I've been transitioning into the stay-at-home mom role for just under two weeks. I think I have the handle of it. I have figured out the basics; wake time, walk time, lunch time, nap time. This pretty much makes up our days. I try to do something special with the kids on most days.

It is my nature to make a list for everything. I have a grocery list, projects to do around the house list, school work list, items we need to buy for the house list, book I want to read lists, and the list of lists goes on. I LOVE making lists!

One such list is titled "Summer Accomplishments" These are all the things we accomplished in the two weeks I have been home with the kids.
*Dragons baseball game
*Jumpy's in Troy
*organize the art cabinet
*backyard pool and sprinkler time
*story time at the library
*purging the house for Goodwill items (always ongoing)
*baking cookies
*several play dates

There is also a list of things we still want to do before school starts.
*Idle-Hour Ranch in Troy
*New Bremen pool
*Columbus zoo
*strawberry picking
*blueberry picking at Kringles
*Boonshoft Museum
*The Greene (to let the kids play in the water fountains)
*several art projects I've collected from Family Fun magazine

Any ideas to add to my list? Send them our way!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Grant!

He's 1!!! My baby is growing up so fast. Most of our family was able to come and help Grant celebrate his first year. The day was perfect. The only small mishap involved the cake. I picked the cake up the day before the party and stored it in the basement fridge overnight. The morning of Grant's party I took the cake out of the fridge and noticed some very small fingers had poked the cake. Hmmm...wonder who the guilty one was?? As I set the cake on the counter, I noticed the cake's message didn't quite read right. "Happy irthday Grant" The guilty one (not mentioning names) not only poked her fingers into the cake in several areas, but she also decided to take a little taste of the icing...the entire "B" from the word birthday had vanished!

Grant's One Year Stats
weight-26.9 lbs (90th %tile)
height- 32 1/2 inches (97th %tile)

Dad's One Year Stats
weight- 27 lbs.
height- 31 1/2 inches