Friday, November 12, 2010

A Game of Catch Up

The last two months have come and gone without me even realizing how far behind I am on keeping our families happy with cute pics of the kids. I won't mention any names, but I have been told that the pictures of the kids are all that matters- typing thoughts without including pictures is strickly prohibited now. So, to please my audience, I've included many pictures to make up for my slacking.
My mom's 55th birthday- a limo ride to The Greene

G the Giraffe and Josie the Princess

What a mess this child can make

She survived this jump without any broken bones

In an attempt to get a picture of the two together, this was the best one

You should see the other guy

All the grandkids wore these shirts for Grandpa Bergman's 60th

Showing off their ribbons from the tractor pulls

Josie's first tractor pulls at the Russia Picnic

Our Mozart

Grandpa Bergman's 60th

One of Josie's favorite parts from the Disney on Ice show

Sleeping Beauty at the Disney on Ice show

Josie's first day of preschool

Josie and her Nana at the Francis reunion

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  1. Jess - I loved the pictures! So fun to watch Josie and Grant grow up from a distance. Love and miss you guys - thanks for sharing! Katie